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Mobile App Notifications - Android + iOS
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Save⌛And 💵 With MOK

Start your Notifications and User journeys to change how your customers interact with you.

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Ready To Go

Just create a workflow and you are ready to launch.

Once you’re satisfied with your program launch it super quick and convert your visitors to customers.

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Easy Customization

With Drag and Drop Editor, you can create and edit easily.

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Lightning speed loading

Provide your customers with fastest loading speed to increase their engagement and decrease their wait time.

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Real-time Insights

Get detailed statistics based on your customer’s engagement and make wise decisions to boost your revenue.

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Seamless Integration

Easily integrate our product into your system and you can have your own personalized space to engage with your users.

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Top-notch Security

Be worry free as your data is completely protected and confidential with us.

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Flexible Rule Builder

Create When Then and If Else Rules easily enabling multi event Workflow builde.

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Improve your NPS

With our customer engagement and notifications platform, Improve delivery and NPS.

We have started using Mok and its saved a lot of time to develop the complete notifications stack ourselves, and ofcourse the pain associated with building and scaling it. 
We are big fans of Mok, We use it to send all out Push notifications, In App Messages, SMS, Email, WhatsApp and even Slack. I recommend it.
Customer support is amazing, Go Live is like within hours, Overall team is building an amazing product and we would want Mobile apps to use this compared to others
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How do we get started?


How do we get started?


How do we get started?


How do we get started?


How do we get started?