Create Goals and Challenges

Line up challenges with incentives and badges to motivate employees to strive towards their goals.

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Build Goals that allign with your OKRs

Set Goals based on your business goals for each team.

Customize challenges by adding metrics with a click of a button.

Set specific challenges to drive tasks

Challenges align with the individual tasks to drive the overall goals.

Motivate your team with specific tasks and use live tracker to ensure you hit your targets every time.

Motivate through Badges and Incentives

Allocate each challenge a badge to allow teams to prioritise tasks.

Use Incentives as the carrot to make your work fun, every time.

Our Mobile App ensures that you are on top

Your employees can track their performance from anywhere at anytime.

Boosts them to engage more and strive towards their goal.

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Use the power of gamification and ensure your sales teams hit their targets every quarter!

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