Build customer acquisition and retention system with minimal effort

Build long lasting relationship with your customer by driving their loyalty through our advanced tool.

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Refer and Earn

Allow your loyal customers to help you acquire new customers by incentivizing them. Drive acquisition at low cost with limited effort.


Set up automated discounts as per your customer’s interaction. Drive condition based stickiness that triggers your customer’s behaviour.

Loyalty Programs

Ensure that users complete multiple transactions by providing percentage cash back or points for each transaction. Retain users without additional efforts.


Provide coupons that can be redeemed in leiu of service and drive loyalty and retention for your key target users without additional resources.


Create location based promotions. Geofencing helps you to target users by creating games, challenges or discounts for a particular location.

Gift Cards

Provide users an option to gift your services and acquire as well as retain these users. Drive the emotional benefit to your product.


Upsell your products by bundling them together based on what works well for your customers and ensure you provide them great deals along with driving additional revenue.

Mobile App SDK

Custom made experience for mobile devices. Evolve provides you a beatiful UI irrespective of what device you are using.