Accelerate Your Sales Team

Our Contests and competitions allow you to enhance the competitive side of your sales teams.

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Set contests to drive sales and customer satisfaction

Use contests and competitons to ensure your sales team strives towards the revenue you need.

Set key metrics for each contests to ensure your teams not just hit the numbers but also drive betters CSATs.

Let each team member know where they stand

Challenges align with the individual tasks to drive the overall goals.

Motivate your team with specific tasks and use live tracker to ensure you hit your targets every time.

Drive Team and Individual Performance

Each sales team member can compete individualy or along with their team.

Allow your teams to work together while driving lone wolves in your sales team to excel.

Get notified on time and be your own champion

Take right actions at right time through our mobile app.

Motivates your employee to go the extra mile and achieve more.

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Use the power of gamification and ensure your sales teams hit their targets every quarter!

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