It’s time to Rise Above Mediocrity

At Mok, We get that motivating your teams is not just about incentives.

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Our Mission

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About Mok

Built by sales people for sales teams, Mok ensure that you reach your business goals by creating contests based on themes.

The AI-driven personalised nudges help sales teams drive better behaviour in completing tasks and achieving goals. Our platform helps in improving product knowledge using quiz and memory games.

Vision of Mok

We want to create such an environment in the teams where it helps both - the company and it’s employees.

Mok will help employees to rise up from mediocrity to meritocracy.

Meet the Team

Few words from our CEO

“While everyone admired gamification done by Google Pay and Paytm, creating a platform for this new-age workforce was a market requirement. We are a platform that gamifies’ incentives, recognition, and hence motivates the workforce to perform better and more productively,”

Mohit Ambani